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PHR application:

We launched our PHR application for


The human resource management system is a simple, structured solution that automates the tasks associated to the staff. It includes several integrated modules: human resource management, hiring, Attendence, payroll and the appraisal.


  • Digital Ray Human Resources Management system is favored for the manager who has all the tools to make as soon as possible the necessary decisions with respect to its employees.


  •  Ability to see the employee’s information, including demographic, financial, skills, education, pay and leave etc.


  • Capture employee attendance through an aiming system: punch card / biometric finger print scanner.


  • All candidatures through the institution's website are automatically stored in the human resources management system.


  • The system supports paperless operations which enable to increase information integrity, reduce errors and duplication of information entries, and optimize employee turnaround times.


  • The user interface is extremely easy-to-use and is designed to reduce  the learning curve and minimize  training costs.


  • The various operations and outlooks are extremely uniform there by enabling the users to quickly familiarize themselves with the system with little training.


  • Digital Ray HRM is completely secure to ensure access confidentiality and protection.


  • Ability to export/import data from/to  EXCEL.

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