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Medical Digital Ray – Connecting Cutting-Edge Technology and Competitive Prices

About Us 

Medical Digital Ray is a leading next-generation technology that offers comprehensive and integrated systems. Our systems are developed and designed to meet the specific needs  of  a  medical  staff,  patient  and  users ( Receptionists,  Accountants and Managers) and enable efficient patient care.


Our Mission

Our mission is to save your time and money. We aim to accomplish this by offering innovative medical, human resource and financial softwares at an extremely affordable and competitive price, and by providing continuous technical support.


Our Vision


Invest the enormous technological developments to connect medical devices across the information technology facilitates to exchange medical information between patients, clinics administration and medical staff.



Our Core Value


  • Integrity: Our primary objective is to build a secure and keep patient and medical institution data safe to sustain long-term relationships.

  • Quality and Reliability: In consistence with our mission, we adhere to high-quality standards. We are determined to provide you with robust medical software that has value-added features, as well as offer timely solutions and competitive prices.

  • Professionalism: Our culture drives our commitment to high-performance levels. It is a vital success factor, if not a survival element.

  • Innovation and Change: Innovation, and the need for continuous improvement is constant. Therefore, we will remain tireless in our pursuit to adapt to the growing needs of our discerning clients.
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